Anxiety Psychologist in West Hollywood, CA

Anxiety is the one mental health issue that plagues the most people on a daily basis; and one which tends to go untreated. As an anxiety therapist, I have the ability to help you overcome your daily anxiety while possibly revealing and healing other deeply rooted anxieties that you may not even know are there. Out of deep concern, I became certified as an anxiety disorders specialist as cases of anxiety began to quickly and noticeably rise in America. With this certification I am better equipped to help people with stronger anxious tendencies, anxiety disorders and other symptoms of having anxiety. It is my goal to be able to alleviate you of any outstanding anxieties that might be crippling your every day activities.

Mood Disorder Treatment and Depression Treatment Center Located in West Hollywood, CA

There is a wide variety of mood disorders affecting a large portion of our community. If you are suffering from any mental condition and are seeking someone to help or even just talk to with no risk of judgement, look no further. I am greatly familiar with working with numerous types of mood disorders and personality disorders. I will teach you different ways of thinking about and managing your mood while providing you with strategies which allow you to properly deal with your disorder on a daily basis. With my help, you will be able to live a more peaceful life.

Couples Counseling and Psychotherapist Specialist

As a psychotherapist, I work with clients of all ages and run group therapy with family members or a significant other. I can help you repair any damaged relationships you may have, any trust issues that may be pulling your relationship apart, and/or address any and all issues or concerns that may have come up regarding your spouse or a family member. Through couple’s psychotherapy, I can supply you with the tools that you need for better communication and to find solutions on your own.