Skilled Anxiety Psychologist in Sherman Oaks, CA

There are many people out in the world who will tell you that anxiety is not a real mental issue. I am here to tell you that it is; and that I can help. I am an anxiety disorders specialist and am more than capable of helping you with any of your struggles with anxiety. As an anxiety therapist; it is my job to help you find ways to cope with your anxieties and make them more manageable so that you are able to live your life without fear. It is my goal to give you the toolset you need when you are feeling your anxieties beginning to build up. There are numerous ways to do this, and we can work together to create specialized mechanisms that will work just for you.

Expert Psychotherapist and Couples Counseling Specialist

As a therapist, I see many family issues that are in need of assistance. I am a licensed psychotherapist, allowing me to aid you with couples psychotherapy, family struggles and work with children of all ages. It is my goal in these sessions to help the couple, family or children learn how to communicate more effectively so that future problems are less likely to arise. I also give you the necessary confidence to be able to bring up things that might be bothering you, so you can work them out which otherwise would have gone unaddressed and untreated. With these tools in hand, it will be more likely that you will be able find resolutions about problems without them becoming a conflict.

Find a Mood Disorder Treatment and Depression Treatment Center in Sherman Oaks, CA

Much like anxiety, mood disorders are often pushed to the wayside because many feel it will be temporary or will fix itself with time. Others believe that mood disorders do not actually exist. This is not true. Mood disorders are very much real just like personality disorders are. I am here to help clients with either condition and will give you the proper knowledge about the disorder you may be struggling with while providing you with ways to manage your life in a more practical and efficient way. With my help, your disorder will no longer control your life and you will have the ability to handle any obstacles that might have been too hard for you manage previously.