Psychotherapist Success Stories
I started seeing Rebecca during an extremely difficult time. I was struggling with moving on to a new chapter in life, and suffering from crippling anxiety that was severely reducing my ability to handle even the simplest of activities. Using her incredible wit, sense of humor and unparalleled empathy, Rebecca helped me get to a point where I am off all anxiety medication and am now able to make good, healthy choices for myself and the relationships I am in. I am so thankful for her and would highly recommend her.
— Michele N., 11/11/16

Dr. Roy is fantastic. She is the main reason my husband and I are still together. We have seen many therapists for so many years and no one could figure out how to help us but Dr. Roy got it and she helped us make progress right away. My husband didn’t respond to some of the therapists we saw, but he wanted to come every week to see Dr. Roy. Everyone else missed the bigger issues but Dr. Roy didn’t. I just can’t thank her enough and my family can’t thank her enough. She is also seriously intuitive (just be prepared for this!) and doesn’t shy away from giving you the truth. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend her.
— Ginger S., 9/6/16

Dr. Roy is truly one of the best (if not THE BEST) in her field - and I mean that with all of my heart! I have been to so many therapists who could never figure out exactly how to help me, and I’ve been able to deal with my PTSD, Panic Attacks and Depression in such a way that doesn’t lead to devastating consequences. Because of Dr. Roy’s help, leadership, guidance, compassion, concern, insight, professionalism and wisdom, I am finally able to manage my issues and hardships and not let them manage me. Dr. Roy truly saved my life and I will always be more than grateful to her for how much she has done for me. I look forward to our sessions and to learning more and more. *I highly recommend Dr. Roy! This industry is rough and can really knock you down - but I now know how to get up and push forward!
— Susan R., 6/21/16

Dr. Roy’s no-nonsense approach is balanced with compassion, intuition, and humor. Her insights and gentle pressure have helped me emerge from a long period of stagnation and depression. I’m grateful that I found her when I did, and I’d recommend her to anyone seeking a clear-sighted therapist.
— O.H., 6/15/16

I sought out Dr. Roy after a devastating break up. It turns out that I didn’t just need support through that, but I needed to work out why I was in so many unhealthy situations to begin with. I’ve been working with her for about 6 months, and already, I approach situations differently. I have tools to be kinder to myself. She’s honest and up front, so she’s not right for you if you want someone to just listen and nod her head. She gently pushes me toward change and growth that feels long lasting. Seeking therapy and choosing Dr. Roy was a great decision.
— Alissa D., 6/6/16