Hollywood, CA, Mood Disorder Treatment and Depression Treatment Center

Mood disorders are some of the most life altering, and hard to live with conditions. Some days you can feel happy and normal, and then suddenly you crash down and feel like there is this nothingness within you. Recognition is the first step towards healing; the fact that you are here seeking the help you need is the next powerful step in your path towards a better, healthier mind. Some of the disorders I work with are depression, seasonal affective disorder and bipolar disorder. Each of these requires different treatment and I am prepared to work with you to find the one that is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Anxiety Psychologist is Here to Help You

As an anxiety therapist, I care for many clients with anxiety disorders and have become an anxiety disorders specialist. Anxiety is a condition that almost all people feel at one point or another, but if you feel overwhelmed by it or have noticed you are experiencing it more often, it is crucial you seek the help needed to ease your mind. I can help you learn where your anxiety is coming from and will be able to give you the tools to be able to overcome your anxious moments in any situation at any given time. Anxiety is something that is very hard to live with, so reaching out for help with ways to deal with it will make your everyday life just that much easier.

Experienced Psychotherapist and Couples Counseling in Hollywood, CA

I also specialize in couples psychotherapy. I can help couples who have distress in their relationship to overcome their problems while rebuilding their relationship. I work with families and children as a part of my psychotherapist practice and welcome clients of all ages. With a warm demeanor, I allow my younger clients to open up to me in a safe environment. It is very important to know that when you are seeking help from a professional, you are prepared to put the work necessary into your relationships both during and outside of therapy sessions.