Psychotherapy is a treatment option that is used to help individuals with emotional challenges, mental health issues, or psychiatric disorders. It can help you to better understand your feelings and what makes you anxious or depressed. You will also gain coping skills for situations that may be hard to handle for you. Any person who is experiencing problems feeling overwhelming or having trouble coping can be helped by therapy in a psychotherapy clinic.

What to Expect

There is a reason that psychotherapy is often called talk therapy, and that's because it is a treatment that involves talking rather than, or in addition to, medication. Some people might see a therapist for only a few sessions, while others might need to continue therapy for months or years. Most sessions are about an hour long and take place once a week. In most cases, the process is extremely structured to offer the best results.

Session Types

Individual therapy is common, but some sessions may be one-to-one or involved a group environment. Depending on the situation, some sessions might make use of unique communication options such as are, drama, music, or storytelling. The person in charge of the session might be a psychologist. They may also be a clinical social worker, family therapist, nurse practitioner, mental health counselor, psychiatrist, or psychoanalyst.

Who Can Benefit

Many people can find a benefit from treatment at a psychotherapy clinic. Below we'll go over a few signs that this type of therapy might prove helpful:

  • A constant feeling of uneasiness or excess worrying

  • Extreme feelings of hopelessness or sadness

  • Feeling that problems never improve despite help from friends or family

  • Inability to handle everyday problems

  • Taking drugs, drinking too much, or being overly aggressive

  • Difficulty concentrating at work or on studies most of the time

Effectiveness of Therapy

Psychotherapy gives you someone you can talk to. It also gives you the chance to think through your problems in a new way and find solutions that may have been otherwise unclear. You can also gain a better understanding of yourself, including your goals and values, while developing new skills to improve relationships. For psychotherapy to work, you must be working and engaged during sessions and in between by practicing these new skills.

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