What is Couples or Marital Counseling?

Relationships in the Entertainment Industry are often highly stressed. Negotiating needs in the context of a highly erratic environment with many temptations can wreak havoc with trust and intimacy.

Dr. Roy will help both partners to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations in a constructive manner. The goal of this type of therapy is to help patients obtain a better understanding of their relationship, themselves, and their partner.

How can you identify communication issues in couples therapy?

There are concrete ways to address "communication issues." Communication problems are often reflective of deeper issues that have not been addressed. Fears, past hurts, family of origin issues, mental health issues, infidelity, or substance abuse are all potentially part of tha mix.

Communication issues are often symptoms rather than core issues:

·       Are you stuck in a pattern of emotional reactivity?

·       Is your partner unconsciously asking you to fulfill a role of some kind?

·       Are you replaying family of origin issues in this relationship?

·       If infidelity is an issues, is there a fear of true intimacy?

How can a psychologist help?

There are ways to immediately begin to start to address the pain and hurt you may be inflicting on each other even if there are deeper issues underlying the problems in the relationship. Learning about your particular conflict styles, your needs and wants in the relationship and how to begin to negotiate them from a proactive place can begin right away.

Depending on the issues involved, we will work on their context within the framework of the relationship as well as address communication problems.