Dr. Rebecca Roy, Ph.D., The Industry Therapist

Meet dr. rebecca roy, Ph.D.


My approach is to empower you to help you heal yourself by looking at "the why" of your pain, at the same time providing you with "the how." We work on real techniques and solutions to healing it for good. I believe strongly in a positive approach to healing long-standing, dysfunctional and painful emotional patterns. My job is to help you find a way out. Permanently.

Also, I am not a head nodder. I am kind and compassionate, but I am direct. I don't shy away from opinions and I will ask you to take responsibility and be actively involved in your own healing. I have a background as a director (and understand that world well) but I see both Entertainment Industry people and those outside of the Industry. 

My original research on complex trauma has been presented at the American Psychological Association (Div. 39, Psychoanalysis), and I have appeared across a wide-range of national media, including: